Stop Harassing Phone Calls From Creditors And Debt Collectors

Nearly every stressed debtor realizes that he or she is in financial trouble. Finding solutions to the problem of unpaid bills becomes a daily concern. There are often other problems in a household or family, such as:

  • A medical crisis
  • A job loss
  • A business downturn
  • A divorce
  • A death in the family

The last thing an overwhelmed debtor needs is a steady stream of demanding debt collectors’ phone calls. Unfortunately, such communications burden many already-stressed debtors. In order to get sleep or keep working toward finding answers to financial problems, a person may have to leave a phone disconnected. However, creditors and debt collectors may then start calling at work, or calling friends, neighbors and family members, asking for information about the person’s whereabouts or financial situation.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits some of the worst forms of harassment that often comes with debt collection attempts. However, creditors and debt collectors are becoming more savvy about ways to skirt around the law and still put pressure on debtors.

The One Sure-Fire Way To Stop Harassment By Creditors And Debt Collectors

You may be looking for alternatives to bankruptcy. This is understandable, as bankruptcy is, in fact, a serious step. However, if you decide to pursue bankruptcy, you will be relieved to discover that debt collectors will stop harassing you after you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The automatic stay is a feature of bankruptcy that stops creditors from attempting to collect on a debt as long as the bankruptcy is in progress. At the conclusion of bankruptcy, you will receive a debt discharge notice from the court. Creditors whose debts are discharged will also receive this information, as well as information about stiff penalties for continuing to try to collect.

Stop Collection Calls In Memphis — Stop Creditor Harassment — Contact A Bankruptcy Attorney

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