Why Hiring An Experienced DUI Defense Attorney Is So Important

Protect Your Record And Your Driving Privileges

DUI charges take many people by surprise. Not only people with drinking problems, but also occasional drinkers have found themselves in need of urgent legal counsel after a traffic stop including sobriety tests. DUI charges have affected people who had not drunk any alcohol. Whatever the circumstances of your DUI arrest, you legal position has two key aspects: You need help to protect your driving privileges with the Tennessee Department of Transportation and you need to vigorously pursue the best outcome in your criminal case. Your freedom and your future may depend on it.

The Importance Of A Defense Lawyer’s Level Of Experience

If you have been arrested for DUI, much is at stake. You are therefore wise to hire an experienced lawyer who has been repeatedly successful defending DUI cases. Some attorneys only dabble in DUI law and may not be equipped to handle the complicated legal and scientific nature of most DUI cases. An experienced DUI defense attorney can identify police mistakes, reveal unreliable breath, blood and urine tests, and confidently confront other key legal issues. A well-supported approach often makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful results in DUI cases.

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How Much Can A DUI In Tennessee Cost You?

If you wage a strong defense after a DUI arrest, your initial costs, including legal fees, may seem high. However, the cost of ignoring or underestimating the importance of your DUI charges may ultimately be much higher. A jail sentence can range from 48 hours to 11 months, 29 days, or more. Other costs may include stiff penalties, fees for alcohol safety school, the cost of an ignition interlock device and raised auto insurance rates. The greatest costs of a conviction may not be evident in the short term but can be very damaging in the long run. A head-on drunk driving defense approach is essential if you want to put your DUI behind you.

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