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Assault charges of any kind are a serious legal matter. A misdemeanor or felony conviction is damaging over a lifetime in most cases. However, a domestic violence case has extra layers of negative consequences for many people, including:

  • Loss of access to one’s home
  • Loss of access to one’s children except under supervision
  • Likely worse outcomes in divorce or custody cases

Obviously, domestic violence charges are disruptive on many levels. To make things more complicated, the complaining witness (such as the wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend) may recant. She or he may hope to get the charges dropped on that basis. However, once the police and courts are involved, a domestic disturbance is no longer private. It becomes a criminal case of the state versus the accused person. It is not uncommon for both partners or spouses to be arrested.

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The most important thing to realize for anyone charged with domestic violence is that prompt, top-notch legal counsel is essential. If you hope for a good outcome, do not try to defend yourself. What you say can be held against you and is likely to make things worse. The Law Office of Joseph S. Ozment, PLLC, welcomes inquiries from people charged with assault of a partner, spouse or family member in Shelby County, Tipton County, Fayette County and other nearby west Tennessee counties.

Handling All Sides Of Domestic Violence Cases, Including Family Law Representation If Needed

Note: This criminal defense law firm also handles family law matters. If necessary, Mr. Ozment can handle your divorce or custody case as well as your criminal defense after a domestic violence arrest. Please also note that if your significant other has been violent or threatening, and you fear for your safety, this law firm can help you obtain an order of protection.

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For best results, contact Tennessee lawyer Joseph S. Ozment as soon as you can after a domestic violence arrest or incident. Call at 901-525-4357 or send an email through this website. A phone call will put you in touch with the law firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.